About Hart Technical Solutions

Hart Technical Solutions is a company with the goal of supporting your business processes with information technology. This means finding ways to make your business more efficient, more cost effective, and more competitive by using technology.

New innovations in technology occur almost daily. But one thing is certain Ė if itís hard to use or doesnít work for you, it will fail. Hart Technical Solutions uses proven, mainstream technology to improve business functions. Reinvent the wheel? Hardly. Find the right set of tires to fit your business? You bet.

We donít strive to be everything to everyone. Our niche is small businesses looking to work smarter, to do more for less money, time and energy. It really doesnít matter if you are selling widgets or services. What matters is how you mine your prospects and interact with your customers as well as how you implement your internal business processes. And thatís where Hart Technical Services shines.

With over three decades of experience working in the technology industry, Hart Technical Solutions owner Michael Hart has a track record of making technology work to enhance business processes. As a pre-Windows adopter of technology in the mid 1980ís, working with Dell in the mid 1990ís and as Chief Information Officer for a company spanning three continents in the 2000ís, Mr. Hart has taken his knowledge and experience and built Hart Technical Solutions to help others in the 2010's.

  • Hart Technical Solutions - eMarketing


    Using the Internet to capture new prospects is a wise and cost effective alternative to tradtional lead generation systems.

    Ad Words, Search Engine Optimization, eCampaigns and multiple domain properties are just a few of the ways eMarketing can help drive prospects to your website.

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  • Hart Technical Solutions - Software


    Utilizing backend systems that support your customer-facing website processes can streamline your business.

    Consider a fully integrated enterprise system if your business has manufacturing, warehouses, a shipping departement and the like.

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